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1. May I choose a border crossing point?
When booking you should choose a suitable crossing point from the list. You are not allowed to change the border crossing point for confirmed reservation.

2. Can I change the vehicle plate number, if my reservation has been already confirmed?

3. Can I change the time for crossing the border?
Yes, border crossing time can be changed.

4. Can I reserve more than one place in a queue?
No. You can reserve a new place in a border crossing queue for the same driver or vehicle just after crossing the border or by removing the existing reservation.

5. How to cross a border if I have reserved a place in the border crossing queue?
You need to arrive in the waiting area at the specified time and wait for your turn. When it is your time to go to the border, the display will show the appropriate message.

Queues and types


  • Pre-Reserve queue
    Allows the reserving of a border crossing time for a certain day and hour.
  • Priority Queue
    You will have to prove your right for a Priority queue slot at the border.
  • Live Queue
    Some part of border crossing point's throughput capacity is given for live queue, so pre-reservation is more preferred.

Where and how


  • Internet
  • At waiting areas



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